Sunday, March 16, 2014

9 Reasons Why Poverty is Beneficial For Society

I want to make a proposal to state that poverty is a good thing. Before you call me crazy, at least hear me out.

1) With poverty, dirty work gets done. We have a huge class of people who are forced to do the dirty work of society: garbage men, construction workers, and other jobs that require heavy labor. Nobody with $$$ would prefer to do this kind of work over other jobs.
2) People in poverty make great test patients. For example, dental students need to train on real people so they don't mess up on paying patients. Since those in poverty cannot comfortably dental care and they have many dental problems of their own, they agree to let the students help them fix their teeth. It usually goes well but for example, 2nd year dental students focus on cavities, but if they drill the tooth too far, the tooth shatters into thousands of pieces. Then, the 3rd year students can practice root canal, etc. This is one of the best ways to practice for these students and who (that has dental care) would volunteer to let students still in training fix their teeth?
3) Poverty can create employment. We have a ton of people servicing the poverty: social workers, prison workers, probation workers, worker in low-priced shops, etc.
4) Poor people help save the environment. They constantly hunt garbage cans looking for cans and bottles to properly dispose them properly in recycling clinics. Although this isn't a significant solution to climate change, everything counts.
5) Musical genres emerged out of poor communities. Genres like Rock n Roll, Hip Hop, & the Blues were greatly influenced from poor communities. Without the start of these genres, other genres might not have existed like Punk or Rap.
6) We can increase our vocabulary. Many different slang words that many of us use today in our everyday conversations or in the hottest songs on the radio come from those in poor communities. I can dig it.
7) We can build more big buildings and stadiums. To build a highway or a football stadium, we need vacant land and what better way to get this land than to take over the land of the poor communities? Their land is much cheaper because those in poverty can be paid off with less money than the middle or upper class.
8) The poor communities make great spots to place garbage dumps, power plants, etc. We all need somewhere to put these environmental hazards and I personally do not want to have one next door to me. Putting these things in poorer communities protect the good parts of our city to remain beautiful and safe from any toxic waste or getting sick.
9) Last but not least, poor people inspire me. I love walking around the streets in Downtown San Jose and witnessing homelessness with nothing to eat because they inspire me to never be like them. Knowing that there are people living much worse than me inspire me, the middle class, to stay in school and continue to work hard.

In my English class, we are learning to criticize through various arguments mixed with serious issues and light-hearted jokes. If you have a response, leave a comment below and let's have a fun conversation together :)

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  1. You're an idiot. An illiterate, bigoted, selfish idiot.

  2. Oh, did your class read "A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift? We had to write similar essays about a social topic using satire.

  3. Points 1, 2, 7 and 8 are self-obsessed, as they are simply because you don't want something. It is as if you think people in poverty are less than you. Disgusting.