Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jamba Juice Tips, Stereotypes, & Funny Things to Say

Some insight from an ex Jamba Juice employee

Tips & Tricks:
1) Look online for coupons before heading to Jamba Juice. There are always going to be promotions or coupons on the web.
2) Become a Jamba Insider! Not only do they give you email regarding special promotions, your next 16oz smoothie can be bought at a discounted price for only $2! You can show the employee from your mobile device so this coupon can be reused (illegally) until the expiration date. Even when the expiration date is around the corner, the internet has plenty of opportunities for success (make another email address and become a Jamba Insider again, and repeat)
3) Ask for promotions. Sometimes there are deals going on that you might not be aware about. It doesn't hurt to ask!
4) Fill out the surveys they occasionally hand you after you purchase your order. They are called Jamtrak surveys where the customer can fill out to judge the store's performance and usually result in a Buy 1 Get 1 free coupon next time you roll up into another Jamba Juice. If they don't give you one, go ahead and ask for a Jamtrak survey if they see any lying around, it doesn't hurt to ask!
5) Always, always, always ask for a receipt. Sometimes there are occasional coupons/deals at the very bottom.
6) Buy Gift Cards from Costco. There are always deals of buying a $50 Jamba Juice Gift Card for $35 or something like that (I'm making these prices up of course) If you're a frequent sipper, why wouldn't you want to invest your money?
7) Split your smoothies. Go ahead and buy a Large size smoothie and ask to have the smoothie split it into two cups. You'll get two 16oz smoothies for the price of a Large! 
8) Ask for extra. Anytime you request for almost anything extra, the Jamba Team Members are supposed to put it in a bigger cup. If you ask for extra ice, they'll upsize your cup. Extra strawberries, extra sherbet, extra whatever they are supposed to upsize it for you (If I were you, I would ask the cashier right then and there to upsize the cup because sometimes people forget and or they are new) This doesn't apply for like Extra Peanut Butter for example because, that extra peanut butter or an extra boost won't have any significant effect to the smoothie size. I would, for the most part, recommend asking for extra ice. Asking for extra fruits or sherbet costs an additional 50 cents, you might as well upsize your drink to begin with if you do get extra fruits/sherbet.
9) Jamba Juice has a 100% Goodness Gurantee. If you don't like your drink for whatever reason, you can bring it back up to them so they can get you a new one. If it's too watery, not blended well enough, not filled up all the way, etc. People mess up and that's okay. Kindly let the employees know why you want a new drink and they'll be happy to make it for you. Just don't be a douchebag about it and abuse this rule.
10) Ask for it Thick, Thin, or Chunky (if you want). It's all preference, but the thicker the smoothie, that basically means it'll be harder to sip than your usual smoothie. If you want it thin, the smoothie will be more of a liquid than a smoothie. If you want it chunky, the smoothie would have some fruit bits as you sip it. 

This is really funny because these stereotypes are actually the trends I witness on a daily basis every time I come into work. I'm not trying to be racist haha. These customers might say somthing like...
Indians: Fresh squeezed orange carrot juice with no ice
Mexicans: 2 Mango and Strawberry  (Notice how I didn't say the full names)
Little Kids: "Can I get a White Gummi please? " "Can I get a Sour Patch Kids?" "Can I get something from the Secret Menu?"
Middle Aged: "What's healthy here?" "Can I get one of your Fruit and Veggie Smoothies and add an Antioxident, Daily Vitamin and a C & Zinc Boost in there?"
Elderly: "Hi, can I get a Jamba Juice please, make it light."
Asian Parents: "Can I get 3 Power smoothies all split in two cups each to go?"

If you ever want to troll any Jamba Juice store try a couple of these lines and see their reaction. Make sure to look super disappointed when they tell you you can't have these things. 
1) Can I get a Strawberry Wild with an extra wild please?
2) Can I get 5 Jamba Juices please?
3) Can I get a Turkey Sausage and Cheese wrap with no Sausage?
4) Can I get a Smokehouse Chicken flatbread without the corn?
5) Can you hook it up with a drink?
6) Can I get 5 water cups with mostly ice please? (-__-)
7) Can I get a Screaming ORGASSMM?
8) Can I get a Pink Gummi?
9) Can I get a Mango a Go Go, make it heavy? 
10) Can I get a Stoner's Delight?

Hope you guys found this useful or at least entertaining to read! Thanks! 


  1. Very nice read, Tam. Glad to see you spreading your tips and tricks with the world!

    1. Thanks Alexander! I'm glad I'm able to help you out :)

  2. Great tips Tam Pham, thanks for sharing it. I am a huge fan of jamba secret menu items; the most favorite menu of mine is Fruity Pebbles. It’s so delicious and yummy.

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