Sunday, September 29, 2013

I'm such a Nerd

It hasn't even been a semester of college and I'm loving the fact that the skills I've been learning actually applies to the real world. I haven't had a passion for learning in so long, except with my hobbies but telling my parents that education excites me is so much more satisfying. The clubs I joined let me network with so many people already and I'm learning about sales, finance, cold calls, meetings, interviews, marketing, leadership. I'm touring some of the best companies in the Silicon Valley and receiving chances to listen to some of the most successful people in the nation. Gaining all of these experiences makes me so pumped for my future, all I'm thinking about is how I can improve, what can I do to increase my knowledge, where can I gain experience? And I think it's really awesome that all the upper class men I have met so far are so eager to help me with my journey. 

I think it was fate that I eventually ended up at SJSU. By staying local, I get to help support my family, pick up the kids from school, run errands, go to school and be there for my seven year old brother.

I never thought I would be so pumped to LEARN. That's basically it :-)