Monday, December 23, 2013

First Semester of College Recap

In one word, my first semester of college has been very unpredictable to say the least.
Leaving high school, I had to leave all of the organizations and groups I was proudly apart of. I had to leave my closest friends, my beloved teachers, and start everything fresh in college. Going into San Jose State, I figured that I was probably not going enjoy it since I was living from home and just because, well, it was “San Jose State”. Little did I know what all of the amazing first experiences and friendships this first semester alone has brought upon to me. I had a chance to venture out of the state twice with my new loved organization AIESEC. I had a chance to network with a countless amount of people from a variety of different places.  I had a chance to learn what I actually found to be interesting and succeed in those classes.
These new experiences made me really reflect on my life and what I want to do with it. To those who read my blog and are still in high school, I strongly believe that no matter where you decide to go, you will have fun if you make the most out of it. Strangers won't come to your dorm and ask to be your friend so this means that you really have to put yourself out there. Join clubs, go to parties, and don’t be afraid to meet other people because you really never know what your future would look like if you haven't met someone :)


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